At Vasse Vets we are always striving to further our knowledge and Emma was doing just that this weekend.  She took part in a Reptile Workshop held by The Turtle Oblonga Rescue and Rehabilitation Network.  The network is run by a very dedicated group of wildlife carers that have a wealth of experience in caring for sick and injured reptiles (especially the Western Oblong/Long Necked Turtle) and they came to Busselton to share their knowledge and exchange ideas with like minded people.

” The workshop was fantastic, I had the opportunity to learn about and handle some very beautiful native reptiles (luckily no venomous ones though)- did you know that a Turtle’s shell is as sensitive as our skin, or that a Bobtail’s babies are approximately 18cm long when they are born live (that would be like us giving birth to a 7 year old)?”