Our Staff

Locally Owned and Operated

Vasse Vets is owned and run by:

Helen, Emma and their team have over  80 years of combined experience in the veterinary industry. The decision to open a brand new veterinary hospital was made by a shared wish to be able to provide the best quality pet care in a friendly environment. Happy pet, happy vet.

Working with Drs. Helen and Emma to keep your pets happy are



  • Dr Chloe Chew
  • Dr Sarah Kelly
  • Dr Emma Hay

Our customer service team;

  • Suzie Sullivan who has won many awards in multiple states for her customer service abilities
  • Natalie Willson, has been in the medical industry for decades and continues to serve our community
  • Skye Snelling, a rising star in customer service with a sunny disposition and outlook on life

Registered nurses;

  • Kelly Jennings [Head Nurse]-full of boundless energy and enthusiasm, she leads by example and cares for your pet unconditionally.
  • Sarah Hollett Unwavering and reliable founding member of the team who’s skill set is impressive
  • Amy Baynes a patient advocate who has empathy in truck loads
  • Katice Ravi a go getter in the nursing world who continues to impress with her ever growing knowledge

And our trainees;

  • Bronte Scadden who is wise beyond her years
  • Beverly Matthews an ex zoo keeper who has a wealth of animal experience