As part of Polite Pets Month we thought we would introduce a new and social way to exercise your dog:

coffee paw print

Canines and Coffee is a new idea led by the team at Vasse Vets – a social dog walking group, open to all (Inaugural walk planned for Monday 31st May).

We will aim to meet once a week – Monday mornings 9.30am at the Hodge Podge café where we will take a gentle walk down to the beach followed by a discounted coffee at Hodge Podge, where we can sit in the back garden and the dogs are welcome too.

The purpose of this group is as a way to meet like-minded people and provide an opportunity for those whose dogs would enjoy the enrichment of sharing their walk with other canine companions.  It may also be suitable for controlled exercise whilst recovering from an injury/surgery (speak to your vet) or if your dog just needs a bit of practice at meeting and greeting fellow walkers on a lead.  If your dog is nervous and you would prefer that others keep a respectful distance whilst they become accustomed to company our representative can supply a coloured ribbon that can be attached to their lead.

Whatever the reason we would love to meet you and your companion and we look forward to enjoying some fresh air and a coffee with you.  Give us a ring at Vasse Vets on 9755 4455 to register your interest or visit our Facebook group: Canines and Coffee

As a conscientious pet owner we would ask that you ensure your pet is up to date with vaccinations before joining the group for a walk.  We would also like to remind you that you are responsible for your pet and their behaviour, Vasse Vets cannot be held accountable for any injuries sustained whilst participating.