Sarah Hollett

Trainee vet nurse, soccer star, basketballer with zero working knees, bike rider, part owner of BJ the Maltese Shih Tzu, Marloo the Border Collie, Minty the Cat and Theodore and Zoe, two beautiful, not so little kittens anymore.

Sarah says,

I have been an animal lover from the day my family welcomed home a gorgeous Labrador puppy.  Since then, every time I saw a dog in the street I would HAVE to go and see it. My mum would need to drag me away because I just wouldn’t want to leave.


Growing Up

I grew up in Busselton with 2 older sisters, 1 stepsister and 1 stepbrother. We lived in a small house with Cassie our Labrador plus 3 cats, Minty, Bundy and Coke. And of course 2 rabbits named Patch and Thumper. My hobbies were dancing and playing soccer with my school on the weekends. I was only a 10-minute walk from my primary school and 15 minutes from the local store so we’d occasionally head there after school and buy lollies. When I was 7 we moved to the other side of town. After my sisters and I moved into our new rooms we realised there was one extra. That’s when we found out my mum was pregnant! 8 months later we welcomed my beautiful little baby sister into the world.


When I was 10 I was given the joy of being part owner of a Great Dane named Sampson. Boy did he grow fast! By the time I was almost 11 he was just about as tall as me and even taller when he stood on his hind legs. He was kind, gentle and never harmed a fly. But he grew way too fast and ended up passing at the age of 7.

I completed work experience at a vet clinic in town during Year 10 and this made me want to work in a veterinary hospital even more. To complete my Certificate II in Animal Studies I needed to find a clinic who would provide me a traineeship. I approached the Vasse Vets team and they happily welcomed me into their clinic with open arms. Due to all my hard work I graduated Year 12 with a certificate II in Animal Studies and a Certificate II & III in Business.



I’ve been working at Vasse Vets for nearly 3 years now and I have loved every single moment of it.  I’m currently studying my Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing and I have my heart set on becoming a qualified nurse.


Even though I am the youngest in the team I am treated no different to the other girls in the clinic. I am very thankful to have such a dedicated team of ladies to work with here at Vasse Vets. The unconditional support I get through my training is just fantastic and every day I gain more and more experience. It never ceases to amaze me how dedicated the staff here are towards caring for you and your pets.

It makes me look forward to coming into work every day to meet you and your little furballs!

– Sarah  =)