How to Choose a Pet Insurance Plan

Which Plan is Right for Me and My Pet?

As with human private health insurance there are many different options available, and we cannot advise you on which one to get. We have included below a list of links to various pet insurance companies to help you do some research to find the plan which suits you and your family the best.
There are many different policies available

There are many different policies available

When choosing a plan there are a few things to keep in mind:
  • The percentage of fees the plan will reimburse you, usually 70-80%
  • Whether there is a routine heath care option which can be put towards vaccinations and heartworm, intestinal worm and flea prevention
  • The maximum limit per claim for Accidental Injury, Illness and Overall. Keeping in mind that some conditions such as severe snake bites, fractures and some intestinal surgeries can exceed $3-4000, especially if referral to a specialist centre is required
  • Sub Limits for Medicines and Drugs, Hospitalisation, Radiology, Skin Conditions and Recurring/Chronic Conditions
  • Cover for Heriditary and Congenital Conditions or Breed Specific Exclusions
  • Excess applicable and whether this increases with your pet’s age
  • Select Breed Premium loading
  • Age limit on joining
  • Life time cover once joined
  • Length of any waiting period
  • Extra benefits such as boarding if owner hospitalised, donations to charities and gifts