Pet Insurance

Private health insurance for dogs and cats

Why is Pet Insurance Important?

Even though we consider our pets part of the family, the government won’t contribute any funds for their health care, as Medicare does for human family members . Which means that we, as pet owners, have to pay for all of our pet’s health care needs. If we are very lucky our pets may stay healthy throughout their entire life and not require any health care above vaccinations, worming, yearly health checks and sterilisation. Because life is not always this kind and pets need help to stay healthy, we recommend PET INSURANCE. Your pet may need:

  • Dental surgery for a tooth broken whilst playing?
  • Emergency treatment for snake bites or trauma from a car accident?
  • An IV drip if suffering from gastroenteritis or extensive hospital treatment for parvo?
  • Medical tests and treatment for Diabetes? Heart disease? Liver disease?
  • Surgery for a broken leg? A ruptured cruciate ligament?
  • Urgent treatment for accidental poisoning from onion, rat bait or chocolate?

In other words we cannot predict what health care our pet might need, just like we cannot predict what health care we might need. So what do we do? How do we prepare for unforeseen vet bills?

Well some people have money squirrelled away. Some have a bank account for their pet into which they put some money each month and then use this money to pay for vet bills as and when they arise. Other people have to euthanase their pet when they can’t afford to treat them. This is a horrible decision to be forced to make but it is better  to euthanse a pet humanely than have them suffer from a disease or injury that cannot be adequately treated. People in the know get pet insurance, including Dr Helen Fitzpatrick and qualified Vet Nurse Jasmine Casey, and they own a vet practice!

Ask  our friendly staff about our 4 weeks free pet insurance for your puppy or kitten from Petplan.