First Aid for Pets – Hit By Car

These are first aid tips, please remember it is best to get your pet to the vet as soon as possible.

If your pet has been involved in a traffic accident or hit by a car:

  • Be careful! Ensure you are not in danger of being struck by a car or bitten by your pet. When an animal is in pain and shock they may bite or snap even if that is not a usual behaviour for your pet.
  • If they are unconscious check if they are breathing and their heart is beating, if not perform CPR (link to CPR page)
  • Minimise movement to avoid further pain and trauma, carry in a sling, box or cage if possible, especially if you suspect there are any broken bones
  • If there is any active bleeding apply pressure to the area preferably with a clean cloth/towel or sanitary pad. Apply constant pressure until bleeding stops or you arrive at the vet.
  • Broken bones may occasionally penetrate through the overlying skin, if this is the case please cover with a clean cloth/towel to prevent excessive contamination of the area
Before you come to the vet please ensure:
  • You have directions to our clinic and our phone number (link to find us and contact us)
  • If possible call us on the way so we can be expecting you
  • You drive safely!