Vasse Vets is a Fear Free Clinic

Happy pets mean happy vets! We understand that vet visits can be stressful to your pet, but they don’t have to be. The Vasse Vets hospital is a calm environment with compassionate staff dedicated to low stress handling.

Vasse Vets is committed to helping our patients have a fear free visit!

We diffuse friendly pheromones throughout the clinic

Adaptil and Feliway are pheromones designed to create a calming environment for dogs and cats. Adaptil mimics the dog appeasing pheromone released by nursing dogs to reassure their puppies. This helps dogs of all ages feel safe and secure when encountering new experiences, unknown environments and other stressful situations, such as vet visits!

Vasse Vets diffuses Adaptil in our waiting room, consult rooms and dog kennels. Try and spot them on your next visit!

Feliway is a chemical copy of one of the feline facial pheromones used by cats. A cat rubs its face on things in its environment everyday and this provides them with reassurance. This is why your cat loves it’s face rubs!

To make our feline friends feel more at home, we diffuse Feliway throughout our cat specific consult room and in the cat room for hospital patients. We also spray travel cages, treatment tables and ourselves when handling cats!


Feliway diffuser

Our team know how to keep it zen

Are you surprised by how calm your pet is in our clinic? Adaptil and Feliway are available as diffusers, collars and sprays so you can use them in your home as well! Ask one of our knowledgeable team about pheromone therapy and other stress management techniques.

Find out if your cat would love Feliway!

Find the best Adaptil product for your dog!

We put the “treat” into “treatment”

We are very liberal with the treat jar! If you have an anxious pet, avoid feeding them before their vet visit. This will help with car sickness as well as make our treat therapy more effective! Please let us know if your pet has food sensitivities, or even better, bring some of their favourite treats with you! Not a foodie? Bring their favourite toy or ball!

We all want your pet to have a great visit at Vasse Vets! If there’s anything else we can do to make them more comfortable, just ask!