Up to 77% of pets are affected by stress and anxiety in their daily lives and you may not even know it.

Vasse Vets is proud to be a Fear Free Clinic and this month we want to help make your home a stress free zone!

Purchase any Adaptil or Feliway product during Fear Free February and you could win a Feliway or Adaptil diffuser and 48ml vial!

Adaptil and Feliway are pheromones designed to create a calming environment for dogs and cats.

Adaptil mimics the dog appeasing pheromone released by nursing dogs to reassure their puppies. This helps dogs of all ages feel safe and secure. Especially when encountering stressful events such as being left alone, storms, fireworks, moving house or even new pets. Feliway is a synthetic copy of a feline facial pheromone.  A cat rubs its face on things in its environment everyday to release this pheromone and provide them with reassurance. This is why your cat loves it’s face rubs!

Using Adaptil or Feliway pheromones as a diffuser, spray or collar at home can help your pet feel more at ease. This reduces stress related behaviours such as barking, chewing, crying, hiding and inappropriate toileting.

Take the pet stress test below and ask us about pheromone technology! Adaptil and Feliway can help your pets live their best life!

Dog Stress Test

Learn more about pheromone therapy here.