Stella’s Day at the Dentist

Today I am going to Vasse Vets to have a dental scale and polish! My day starts off with an admission appointment where a nurse performs a physical exam on me and discusses the procedure and anaesthetic to my human. Vasse Vets offers pre-anaesthetic blood tests to assess kidney and liver function to ensure my anaesthetic is as safe as possible. I’m a little bit hungry as I haven’t had breakfast but I try my best to pay attention. Shortly after, I say bye to my human and I’m shown to my private bed in the hospital ward.

The nice nurses cuddle me while they give a pain relief and sedative injection to help me stay relaxed during my anaesthetic. They also place a catheter into my leg vein so they can give me fluids. This maintains my blood pressure and helps me recover faster once I wake up from my teeth clean. Time for another cuddle with the nurses, but this time they’re all watching me as the vet injects anaesthetic solution into my catheter. I drift off into a lovely sleep and it was very cozy because I had a nice hot air blanket to cuddle into. I don’t remember the next part but the vets tell me I was connected to a machine that monitors my anaesthetic, my heart, my lungs and my blood pressure.

The vet then checked every tooth for signs of damage with a dental probe. If they find anything unusual under the gumline then they can decide whether or not teeth need to be removed. This is all recorded on a chart. Luckily all my teeth are healthy and I just need a clean. The vet used an ultrasonic scaler to remove all the plaque and tartar from every surface of every tooth – and even under the gumline where the bacteria likes to live! If plaque is left to sit under the gumline, this can lead to tooth decay. My teeth are then polished with a pet-friendly toothpaste to create a smooth, shiny surface which is difficult for bacteria to stick to.

I woke up in a nice quiet room, cuddled by a nurse and wrapped in a warm blanket. Once I was more awake I had a little feed and it wasn’t long before I could hear my human speaking to the nurse at my discharge appointment. The nurse told my human I was a very brave dog but might be a bit quiet tonight because of my anaesthetic. My mum laughed as I bounced into the room!

A week later I came back for a free dental recheck. I was so happy I could show off my new white smile! The nice nurse also spoke to my human and taught them lots of ways they can help me maintain my pearly whites for longer. They even have a great range of dental biscuits, treats, toys and yummy water additives! The most important thing is to come in every 6 months for my free dental check with a nurse. Click here for more information on caring for your pets teeth!

— xx Stella