Have you been contemplating castration?  This month is the perfect opportunity. Desexing (also known as castration or neutering) has a wide range of health benefits such as…

  • Reduced risk of prostate diseases (this is very common in entire male dogs!)
  • Eliminate the risk of testicular cancer
  • Reduced risk of hormone driven perianal tumours and perineal hernias
  • Eliminates accidental pregnancies
  • Reduce behaviours such as roaming, urine marking and mounting
    • Castration reduces marking in 80% of dogs with a marked improvement in 40%!

Castration is recommended for all male dogs who will not be used for breeding

This month Vasse Vets is encouraging you to book the snip. Every dog castrated in November will receive the following goodies…

  • FREE Nexgard Spectra chew 
    • Comprehensive parasite prevention for fleas, ticks, mites, intestinal worms (whipworm, hookworm, roundworm, tapeworm) and heartworm – all in a tasty monthly chew!
  • $10 off your following Nexgard Spectra 6 pack purchase
    • Say goodbye to multiple tablets and messy spot-ons. Extend the protection all through Summer with a chew that won’t wash off at the beach.
  • 50% discount voucher redeemable on all Royal Canin Neutered Junior biscuits
    • High quality nutrition specifically formulated for the reduced energy needs of neutered dogs. It’s tasty too and we are backing it up with a Money Back Palatability Guarantee.

While your dog is under a general anaesthetic, we can perform a hip assessment and radiographs for only $60.

Hip x-rays allow us to pick up early signs of hip dysplasia and arthritis in your dog. If your dog is a high risk breed, or has shown signs of joint pain, then castration is the perfect time to assess their hips. Is your dog at risk? Find out here.Hip Dysplasia

It’s time to take the plunge and go Nut Free this November. Contact Vasse Vets and book in now! 

Warning: This article may contain traces of nuts!