Before you send your pets off to boarding facilities, make sure that they’re up-to-date with all the vaccinations they’re likely to need.

Please don’t leave vaccinations to the last minute as the establishment of immune protection takes time. It’s your holiday too and you need peace of mind.


Vaccination is important for your pet’s health

Vaccination protects your pet from infections that may be lethal or cause serious disease.

Some infectious diseases such as canine cough, canine parvovirus and “cat flu” are common in Australia.

When staying in boarding facilities, dogs and cats are at higher risk of infectious diseases, so vaccination is especially important.

Immunity following vaccination may reduce over time and so boosters may be required to maintain optimal protection.

“Most boarding facilities require dogs to be fully vaccinated with a “C5” vaccine, and cats with an “F3” vaccine.”


Please confirm with your boarding facility what their vaccination policy is prior to boarding. Vasse Vets may recommend other vaccines in addition to this. For more information on dog vaccinations please see here.

Remember, check in with your vet ahead of holiday time!