May is spay your pet month at Vasse Vets!

Every female dog, cat and rabbit desexed during May will receive a FREE Advocate treatment to prevent fleas, worms and heartworm for 4 weeks.
PLUS you’ll also receive $15 off any 3 or 6 month supply of Advocate so you can continue the good work at home!

Some of the benefits of having a desexed pet include;

  • Greatly reduced risk of mammary cancer, especially if desexed before their first heat
    • Spaying before the first heat reduces the risk of mammary cancer from 26% to 0.05%!
  • Abolished risk of uterine and ovarian cancer and infection
    • Did you know up to 80% of rabbits will develop uterine cancer by the time they are 5 years of age?
  • Reduced risk of other cancers
  • Prevent surprise pregnancies which contribute to pet overpopulation and potentially unhealthy puppies
    • Did you know that caesarian sections are very common in pets and can cost thousands of dollars?
  • Prevent passing on undesirable genetic traits such as itchy skin, heart disease and painful joints
  • Less desire to escape your property
  • Females will not come on to heat every 6 months and attract unwanted male attention

Although many people wish to breed their pets, it is important to realise that ethical breeding requires a great deal of knowledge, time, money and experience.

Spaying your pet will help them live a longer, healthier life and with our May Day Spay Day promotion, they will also be treated for fleas, intestinal worms and heartworm!

Advocate is an easy to apply, monthly treatment. Our nurses will demonstrate how to apply an Advocate pipette to the back of your pets neck so you’re able to continue with monthly treatments at home. You will also receive a $15 voucher which can be redeemed on any 3 or 6 months supply of Advocate from Vasse Vets. We can even sign you up for our Advocate Loyalty Program where you receive a FREE 3 pack with every 12 pipettes purchased.

Please call Vasse Vets on 9755 4455 for more information on this promotion or to book your pets spay.
Hurry though as we are booking out fast!