FREE Prime100 Rolls!

Prime 100 Rolls

To Celebrate Our New Prime100 Range We Are Giving Away Free Rolls!

Prime100 are an Australian premium pet food company that prides itself on quality. Their innovative range is suitable for cats and dogs of all breeds and ages. Leading veterinary dermatology specialists have recommended the Skin and Digestion 200 (Sk-D200) rolls because they assist in the diagnosis and management of food allergies.
Most importantly of all, our furry food critics have given raving reviews;
“10/10. Would devour again” – Meowco Pierre
“You’d be barking mad if you didn’t try it.” – Mutt Pawston
“The deconstructed kangaroo is refreshingly worthy of the social media hype.” – Meownu Feildel
“Snap up the crocodile, it’s sure to be a crowd favourite.” – Kurtis Bone

Prime100 Single Protein Diet™ (SPD™) rolls feature added amino acids and essential nutrients for muscular development. They are also packed with probiotics, vitamins and minerals. Additionally, Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids are also included to help nourish your dog’s skin and coat.
Available in Chicken & Brown Rice and Lamb & Rosemary.

Prime100 Skin & Digestion 200 (Sk-D200) rolls are specifically made for dogs with suspected food sensitivities, skin problems or digestion problems because each Sk-D200 roll is a highly novel hypoallergenic Single Protein Diet. Maintaining your dog’s health and wellbeing has also never been easier due to the addition of probiotics, vitamins and minerals.
Available in Kangaroo & Potato, Kangaroo & Pumpkin and Crocodile & Tapioca.

To receive your FREE Prime100 SPD roll simply;

1. Purchase a Prime100 roll from Vasse Vets.
2. Snap a fun photo of your pet enjoying their new roll.
3. Post it to our Facebook page.
4. Like and share the post with your friends.
5. Last but certainly not least, come into the clinic to collect your FREE SPD ROLL while stocks last!
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