Doggy Blood Donor Bank – Is Your Dog a Superhero?

Why volunteer your dog to donate blood?

Dog Blood Donors

🐶💉: DOGGY DONORS: A veterinary hospital in Vasse is starting a canine blood donor registry to help save the lives of remote, working dogs.

Posted by ABC South West on Tuesday, 15 August 2017

By donating blood your dog could help save the life of another dog in need.  Dogs require transfusions for a number of reasons, the main ones being trauma, anaemia, rat bait poisonings and surgery.

Marloo is a 4yr old Border Collie that belongs to Vasse Vets team member Nurse Sarah.  When Jessie the Blue Heeler needed a life-saving blood transfusion after eating rat bait, Marloo was called in to help! He donated a full unit of blood which allowed Vasse Vets to control Jessie’s bleeding. Jessie made a full recovery and Marloo become a doggy Superhero!

Is my dog a suitable blood donor?

The ideal superhero meets the following criteria;

  • Between 1-8 years old
  • Over 25kg in weight
  • Up to date with vaccinations, worming, flea and heartworm treatment
  • Is in good general health and has a calm and friendly temperament
  • Has never received a blood transfusion
  • Has a known travel history
  • Ideally is desexed and has never had puppies before

What is the blood donation process?

The donation process is simple. First, we make sure your dog is eligible to donate blood (see the doggy donor checklist). Then we give them a full physical examination and check their blood. If your dog donates regularly we confirm their blood type as well.

Once your dog is confirmed fit and healthy, we begin the blood donation process. Some dogs require a mild sedation to help make the donation more comfortable for them. It takes about 20-30 minutes to donate blood. During this time, your dog will have an area of their neck clipped and cleaned. Numbing gel will be placed on the clipped area and their blood will be collected in a sterile manner.

After their blood collection, they are offered a tasty meal and water before they go home. There are usually no side effects from the donation. Just like when we donate blood, we recommend that your dog is rested for the duration of the day and given a nice hearty meal for their effort! Your dog can donate blood every 2 months.

We say thank-you by giving your dog a free health check AND a free bag of Advance dog food. Plus, lots of treats and love from our friendly staff!

How do I sign my dog up?

Simply fill in the form below to enquire if your pet is a suitable candidate for our Doggy Blood Donor Bank. Your dog could be a Superhero just like Marloo!

Doggy Blood Donor Bank

Please fill in this form with your details to register your interest in being part of our Doggy Blood Donor Bank.
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PS- Don’t forget the Australian Red Cross Blood Service needs blood as well. Join your dog and become a human blood donor hero!